Jake's Wish Dog Rescue in San Jose, CA is a non profit (501c3), volunteer-driven organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned dogs who would otherwise be euthanized in shelters due to lack of space.

We strive to do this with kindness, by providing a feeling of security through in-home fostering until a match is found that suits both the adopter and dog.

We serve our community by providing information and education on responsible dog ownership.

Our Mission

Jake's Wish Rescue Inc. Copyright 2016

501c3 EIN: 46-5281347

Our Brochure 

Jake's Story

Meet Jake, the inspiration behind this Dog Rescue! He is a Papillon mix dog and was born blind. He was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles alone.  His owners were contacted by a shelter but they refused to pay $20 to get him back saying "he wasn't worth it". He made his way to the Bay Area via a rescue organization and was adopted by the founder of Jake's Wish Rescue! Despite being blind, Jake has an amazing personality and resilience beyond compare. No matter the challenge Jake is up for it! Jake has faced many challenges including a recent back injury from which he is recovering well, Jake serves as an inspiration for dogs and humans alike - to never give up and to use personality to overcome any challenges. We believe that every dog is loveable and adoptable. Jake's wish is to find a home for every dog! Watch the video and get the Kleenex ready!