Fostering A Dog

Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue is a 100% foster-based rescue, meaning all of our adoptable dogs are cared for by volunteers in their homes until they find their forever families! Because of our network of foster homes, we’ve been able to rescue and rehome over 1,500 dogs since we were established in 2014.

We’re always looking for new volunteers to join our fostering network as the number of foster homes we have directly correlates to the number of dogs we can rescue. Being a foster saves lives!

Jake’s Wish will provide food, toys, equipment, and supplies (such as baby gates and crates, pee pads, etc.) and arrange for and cover all pre-approved vet visits and grooming.

As a foster parent, you will be expected to bring your dog to vet appointments in San Jose and meet-and-greets/adoptions in Gilroy as needed.

Nothing can be more rewarding than knowing you are saving a life every time you foster.  Click the link below to learn more, and let’s get started saving lives together!

Foster Information/Agreement

Fostering FAQs:

What is fostering?
Fostering a dog is a commitment to provide short- or long-term care for a rescued dog or litter of puppies in your home. A foster provides a safe, loving environment that includes exercise, socialization, nutritious food, and basic training to help prepare a foster dog for its adoptive home.

Am I the right fit for fostering?
Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience, but it's not always easy! It can take a lot of hard work to acclimate a dog into a new environment. We do our best to match the abilities of our fosters with the needs of rescue dogs, but we're not able to predict the behavior of a new dog. As a foster you need to be ready for potty accidents, chewing, and other behaviors while your foster dog is settling in. Rescue dogs needs love and gentle guidance and we're here to give advice when you need it!

Here are some questions to consider before fostering:

  • Is everyone in the household ready to foster a new dog?
  • Will your schedule allow you to help train or reinforce potty training?
  • If your foster dogs barks, will your neighbors be upset?
  • Do you have time to properly exercise a dog?
  • Are you able to stay positive and stay the course if things aren't perfect?
  • If you have other pets, are you able to safely keep your pets and a foster dog separated if they aren't getting along?

What if I have pets of my own?
Before fostering, your resident dogs must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. This is important to keeping your pet healthy since most foster dogs will need to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered while in foster care.

If you give us information about your current pets, we'll aim to find a foster dog who is the right fit for both you and your pets. It can be a great advantage as foster dogs often quickly pick up on the household routine and good behaviors while making a new animal friend in the process.

While 90% of the time things work out well, it's important that you are prepared to keep your pets and the foster dog separated if they aren't getting along at first. If you feel your foster dog or resident pets are in danger, we will work with you to find another foster family for the dog.

What supplies do I need to foster a dog?
Jake’s Wish will provide food, toys, equipment, and supplies, such as a crate, leash, collar, pee pads, etc. If you need more or different supplies, please check with us because we likely have it or can order it for your foster dog. If you’d like to purchase any special treats, toys, dog clothing, or other extra gear without checking in with us, you will likely not be reimbursed.

What if my foster dog needs vet care?
The majority of our foster dogs need 1-2 vet appointments before they are ready for adoption. You will be responsible to get your dog to and from these vet appointments. Our primary vet is located in San Jose. If you need help with transportation, we can arrange for a volunteer to help. Jake’s Wish will work with you to schedule the appointment(s) and will cover all pre-approved expenses for veterinary care and grooming.

If your foster dog has a medical emergency, please contact us first so we can help arrange the care your foster dog needs ASAP.

If your foster dog has additional medical needs and requires frequent appointments, we will work together to arrange.

When will my foster dog get adopted?
While there is no set timeline for a dog to get adopted, most of our foster dogs are adopted within 2 months. When you sign up to foster, please have a minimum of 2 months in mind. Some dog might need extra time to find the right family, so know that when you commit to fostering a dog, we are relying on you to help care for the dog until he/she is adopted. If extra training or a new foster home is needed, we will work with you on the decision.

What happens when my foster dog is ready for adoption?
We’ll use the info, photos, and video you provide about your foster dog to write up their profile. We use these details to promote your foster dog on our site and social media. Our team will review applications and conduct phone interviews with families who sound like they could be a good match.

Then we’ll arrange a time for a meet-and-greet where you and your foster dog can meet with the potential adopter. These meet-and-greets are usually held on Saturdays in Gilroy at an outdoor location to help with social distancing. A Jake's Wish representative will also be there to help answer any questions about the process.

At the meet-and-greet we'd like you to share details about your foster dog that will help make him/her successful in a new home. If it’s a good match, your foster dog will be adopted at the meet-and-greet and go to his/her new home! We ask that you return any loaned supplies once your foster is adopted - crate, leftover food, toys, etc. This gear is then made available to another foster family. If you’d like us to find you another foster dog, you can hold onto the loaned gear.

What if I’m going out of town or have an emergency?
Please let us know as soon as possible so we can set up to have a short-term foster care for your foster dog.